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  • The main profile of our companies in the energy field problems arise with the greatest efficiency.

  • CSP systems are put in streamlining Energy.
  • CSP systems use the energy used to shed.
  • Alternative sources of energy conversion systems using CSP.
  • Existing systems for improved efficiency of conversion of CSP systems.
  • CSP - Hybrid systems.
  • Construction CSP technologies.
  • Consultancy.

         Our companies have increasingly large role in the world thou art raised problems, the Energy and the Environment concerning pollution. An increasing number of requests come from all over the world, these areas.

  • vOur company aims at Developing a cost-effective equipment, which an optimal solution to the population and the industry's growing energy needs.
  • Devices - Special Internal Due to the structure - the energy current eszközeinél much lighter, smaller, most portable, flexible use. Products internal structure combines the high-tech and simplicity.
  • good quality components, patents in bringing solutions the most out of our products. Such quality we have more equipment to gain access,
    than 25 years of experience will help us.

  • another reason for the effectiveness of simple Structure: Inventors - Developer - Designer - Producer. Therefore, investors would actually will find that the contracts entered into and signed by both parties.
    This will be followed
  • satisfaction about the functioning of our owners, our investors, our employees, our customers and our consumers as well.

  • revenues higher in turn, further research and development.

  • industrial use under developments some are already household consumption suitable form is also available for purchase.
  • from time - time we have product demonstrations, that the price of expensive forms of advertising do not have to pay for the fairs. These presentations still reaped a great success, and a lot of interest Looking up to us to continue to purchase purposes or to provide additional ideas other means of improvement.
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