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Csefkó Paul Thomas
Researcher - Developer - Inventor

  1967-in I was born in Budapest. Results were excellent professional Thanks,
  1981-in recruitment, without I joined the Vocational and Technician High School, where
  1984-in "electronic mechanic " qualification earned.
  1984-1997-until Radiotelephone mechanic worked on several occasions went "The excellent young master of the profession " contest, reaching the first places.
  1986-in Computer Exhibition in Budapest I was first placed in the lowest construction of home-built computer.

  1984-in I started energiakutatásaimat, and this year I built my first invertereimet their own, which continued I got to the current development készülékemig. Nikola Tesla's enthusiasm for the post in late 1980 and strengthened me, I always wanted to create beautiful and lasting things such as his.   1998-in opened my own business, Megahertcz Technical Trading name,   2001-in I was a founding member of the Tesla club, where we meet every month and a half, and the Space energy, Equipment-related, and discuss their operations.
  2002-in He founded the Energitech Association, where we meet every three weeks, lectures and presentations we have, the association is to bring together in Hungary the inventors, developers, and technical publications, after Interested people, and production maturity equipment to assist production.

  2002-in founded the Fluxus cooperative which I was president, then transformed Fluxus Ltd. I became a manager.
  2003-in developed and manufacture equipment for the production of mature Future 2003 Ltd.- was founded.
  2004-in new inventions to the CSP ENERGY Ltd. English to German company investors was formed to participate in the international market.
  2005-in the Hungarian Patent Office's annual report published to the country, most patent I Csefkó Paul Thomas has been submitted in 2004, which is also available on the Internet.
  2009-in founded in O.YES.USA Llc. American companies, international companies and is currently a fellow I am a manager.

  2009-in The 100 Miracles Exhibit shows how today's successful development of Hungary's 100, invention. A great success, was seen in 6 months, the show was the only starter who is capable of showing your invention 2. Worldwide, more than 1,800 successful presentation, the invention and from kutatásaimról. More countries Tesla as a young man , or even known as a reincarnation, I hope, once grippers in line with this wonderful name, and that symbolizes.

   Invention and development-from a better I aimed to achieve the future, primarily in the energy sector hinted that a better and more energy-efficient equipment to prepare the human race.

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