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  • CSP-CONVERTER OPERATION Theoretical foundations.

    The electromagnetic phenomena in conducting scientific research nearly one hundred and fifty years back. The theoretical basis of today's electricity the still commonly used and accepted Maxwell Equations form. The Maxwell - The equations are still current, however, conduction does not contain a description of the method. The electricity and the substance of the relationship between quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics in the deeper interpret. Today is also the interesting natural phenomena experienced ball lightning-like electrical phenomenon to explain, to this day no theoretical background. In other respects, the power semiconductors Application, development, sometimes randomly experiencing a strong electricity discharges, which are not energetically or physically can not interpret.

    The pictures below clearly is a case in point, which I also witnessed the development of the semiconductor is produced inside the accumulated energy by the semiconductor closing and exit through his cap. Interestingly, that ball-lightning visselkedve viable for several seconds.


    The CSP - point conversion of these energies are used with full confidence to achieve the best efficiency.

    In a conventional power Rconductor resistance R x I square watts the heat dissipation. The currents of the low-temperature superconductors no heat dissipation, ie the spread of resistance without special conductors. The BCS theory of superconductivity under very low temperatures boson into pairs of electrons and related statistics for all of the leading low-energy electrons in condensed state, which is the electron "fluid" energy can not be communicated to the conductive material atoms or atom-bars.
    The BCS theory, superconductors, the microscopic description Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer created in 1957.
    The phenomenon is still physically is easier to interpret, the electron pairs of the physical behavior of seemingly lose their electrical charge (for the short time, while the energy spread with the conductor), which charges no electromagnetic interaction of the material without the atoms and thus no heat loss can occur. This behavior of the electron pairs in its time applicable. The phenomenon of superconductivity, in principle, even knowledge, if not all of the material is cooled down, just make the driving electrons into a state where the outside (after bringing up the couple) pairs of electrons behave as if superconductivity would have been created. This particle properties of the complex power of the consumer is not mean difference between the current in conventional terms, in any form.

    This new type of electricity requires the creation of the so-called complex power transformer, which is the conventional charge-current and a supra-driving, experienced similar properties showing particle flow, in this case " spiral flow " combination. The complex particle flow performance of the passage of magnetic energy into the transformer, without a complete transformation, as yet unknown manner happens. This is ultimately the way to a new description of the conduction.

    A CSP-konverter Acting impulsely develop a better conductivity of the wires so that a consumer, such as inverters have traditionally operated. This device efficiency, results in an improvement, as well as the load increases, and the CSP-konverter during the operation of the battery positive charge and on top of each regeneration cycle back.

    This new technology, and the staff of the outcome of new technologies, this principle is likely to achieve the solution.



    Basically, the CSP-konverter high-performance electronic devices capable of operation. The unusually small size of the specific operating principle is due. The warming device is far below the standard inverters, the power amplifier and the transformer temperature After a long life is below the operating temperature values.

    The CSP-independent ground-based converters, isolation transformers, therefore, has a beneficial life safety features.

    The specially-sized toroidal transformers and coils used in the electronics, thanks to fast-running and high intensity driven by pulse currents. The toroidal transformer, the inverter rated output of a fraction of the planned, so primeroldali significantly higher than the excitation transformer iron saturation value of the material.

    Then a so far unknown, the above-mentioned new physical phenomenon occurs because the electrical power is only a mechanism can be transferred through the transformer, which does not require the full conversion of magnetic energy introduced into electrical energy.

    The current performance of the passage of magnetic energy into the transformer, not without a complete transformation, as yet unknown manner.

    The end result is that the transformer can be significantly reduced size and weight of carry-over is relatively large compared to electrical power.
    A CSP-konverter the pulse mode and a special switching cycle of the battery is charged, then the next cycle reloaded from a small power regenerates the battery around.


  • SPECIAL EFFECTS the input:

    A CSP-konverternek Due to the thin akkuvezeték - For example, 40 to 60 amps of current intensity in the transmission of the former, 8 - 10 mm instead of copper wire 4-5 mm copper wire is sufficient
    The batteries CSP-konverter If you are using any damage beyond the limits permitted without the deep-draw, re- without compromising their ability to charge the regeneration cycle, thanks.


  • SPECIAL EFFECTS the output of:

    The CSP-konverter highly tolerant to shock loads of up to five times the rated power is able to tolerate a few seconds (Eg, engine startup)
    The electric motors are mechanically prevented from electrical power from the normal behavior is readily reduced, avoiding short-circuit current of the motor increase, and ultimately failure.
    If more than one electric motor operates in parallel with the inverter, you can either stand in for the new engine is a mechanical type electricity flows from a well-functioning engines, bypassing some of the seized engine
    Highly conductive liquid is a large fault currents, despite the preserved functional, electrical appliances, and no damage to the inverter

    The CSP-konverter output modules are available only in electronic equipment can also be increased by connecting up. Performance increase or decrease in both idle and load condition can be made, while, do not have any adverse impact on the consumers, the operation of the power to change even during smooth.

    The CSP-konverter output modules are available only in electronic equipment can also be increased by connecting up. Performance increase or decrease in both idle and load condition can be made, while, do not have any adverse impact on the consumers, the operation of the power to change even during smooth....
    Throughout the duration of the process could stretch into the water without the danger of electric shock. The experiment could be repeated, while grounding wire is connected to the water, and none of them wet, wet ground was grounded. One output of the transformer and the grounding Between never measured more than 30 V idle voltage.

    The CSP-konverter disturbance during the operation, which was not observed any signs of Germany EMC - tech also be confirmed by laboratory measurements carried out in 30KHz - 1GHz. spectrum of measurement. The Hungarian country of broadband spectrum analyzer for measurement of HM EI - rt measurement lab were 200Hz - 3GHz between the range investigated, and no disturbances could not be measured even when the probe is wound onto the CT- in the output wires.

    In today's converters, inverters in the output álandó their performance can provide twice the performance of a few ms, In contrast, the CSP-konverter the constant output power 4 - 5 times can also provide up to several seconds.
    Since the electric motors 4 - 5 times the power-operated ladder, ie a 500-watt electric start 2000W inverter must be used. I have constructed the devices are able to own their rated capacity sufficiently large electric start and operate, but any more powerful electric motors are capable of serving.


  • CSP technology described Converter.

    The discovery of a new physical basis has now been off production of the devices, which are well known in the inverters and UPS (UPS), new diets, particularly beneficial characteristics. The CSP-konverter Phase 1 and 3 networks to replace too.

       Our equipment size and weight. of paragraph shows that this new technology is renewed Equipment traditional transformer technology by utilizing the high-performance, high-current, ultra-short-time switching semiconductors used by impulzustechnikai benefit from the opportunities. The equipments used in transformers geometry of at least 2 / 3 sub off reduced.

       Load on startup. of paragraph clearly shows that the CSP-konverter major advantage of the natural transformer potential properties, and it's a very form a stable system, the operating balance is thus extremely difficult to tip-off can bear the overcharges. The CSP-konverterek several seconds to 3-4 times the overload can endure and even adapt to the sudden onset of multiple shock overcharges acts like an electric start. As a result, suitable for industrial uses, especially in places where not always possible to wait for a replacement generator start-up and network synchronization. (For example, chemical plants, some health equipment etc).

       3-phase motor drive. of paragraph clearly shows that the device is a 24 Volt battery kapocsfeszültségű not only single-phase but the three-phase uninterruptible power source is capable of operating systems work.

       The life - and health. of paragraph clearly shows that the conductive liquid, an electric submersible insulated terminals There was a measurable voltage is 233.7, however, a few centimeters away from the consumer has had only a 5-under voltage can be measured! This property also raise new possibilities for use.

    Since high-performance device is operated stable, thus can provide all households with electricity demand, without the usual household use to change the way we should.

       The use of alternative energy sources. of paragraph clearly shows that well-suited (solar panels, wind turbines) is the application of) . Because the properties can be used to replace the DC traction also resulting in significant size, and weight loss, not to mention the engine management advantages apply. Almost immediately applicable shipboard power supply or electrical operation of the vessel, which also serves a significant role in environmental protection.

    A CSP-konverter output voltage +/- 10 %-os only fluctuates within a range, depending on the load, so the traditional network flow dimensional inductive, capacitive and Ohmic consumers be operated without any modification of it.


  • Standards.

    EU Directives: 89/336/EEC, 73/23/EEC.                 > >
    disturbance emission: MSZ EN 55022B.                 > >
    Magnetic radiation: EMC 95/54EG.             > >
    Security Systems: MSZ EN 60950/2001.                 > >


  • Application areas.
    There some kind energy is necessary for the self-preservation and work, everywhere people get to. The application area of our appliances is very wide and manifold: from the abandoned, isolated areas to space research. Below was more present in the application or use areas of electrical device.


    • Geographic locations where there is or is not allowed and there is no possibility of electrical networks building, such as conservation Fields, forests, etc.. There is a resettled charger units that charge the batteries, ensure berendezéseinkkel indefinitely to ensure the desired amount of energy.


    • The islands are remote from civilization, lost, abandoned areas, such as.: farms, riding arena, houses, farms, holiday cottages and family power care to ensure the comfort of the area raise the level and the local tourist improve the attractiveness of our devices are ideal.


    • Group and individual expeditions to the portable power supply almost indispensable. Cartographer, caving, climbing, sarkkutatás, etc.. these places are always those machines we take with the energy supply is important, such as.: communication devices, computers, Last but not least, the light sources, which are almost everywhere has been essential.


    • Survival kits should provide the basic level of power source. flying, pressure is no harm to our equipment, ships and spray water or obstructions the perfect operation, and other vehicles on board and are essential If included our devices because every circumstance is unable to supply the battery energy in the devices.


    • Military applications are also applicable to our equipment in several places in the large plumes of departure for reasons with which it is difficult to Aggregate kiválthatóak systems. The ease and the external influences of insensibility due to either a portable power telepként infantry is working very well. Almost any frequency and power kiépíthetőek our equipment, whether mobilized form.


    • Fire brigade, ambulance, civil protection apparatus, and assets to serve the needs of energy, perfectly applied device. In any form or deployed, and mobilized form. beintegrálhatóak easy application areas, and completely replaces the Aggregate operating fossil energy systems, or even demand can work with them any more customer requirements.


    • Disaster prevention and safety is essential, since it is much less sensitive to external influences, such as the operating principle of conventional inverters, Aggregate systems perfectly offsets, quieter and more reliable operation. Disaster-stricken areas rescue, demolition, construction, etc.. work is all energy needs can serve safe operating conditions, up to 1 or 3 phase that may be.


    • Hospitals in developing countries, nurse house, maternity hospitals, emergency power supply places, and the same places as a unit of UPS (UPS System) for use as an invaluable value of this, places, since the UPS - no need to use k surgery to stop it, if there is no electricity, and wait until he comes to power. The CSP system, using a rapid first-aid centers and mobile emergency centers can be installed in places where no network is built.


    • Advantage of using a mobile electrical device at any position where the population does not know and can not be used for either electricity or electrical equipment. Easy to handle and the batteries quickly Upload any guarantee to users the power supplied. Mobilized Our devices enable the quick delivery of equipment the established energy feltöltőállomásokra. Some devices are so consolidated prepared the solar panels, Wind turbines and the energies of the reception, which the batteries Rapid Charge resolved locally.


    • The safe operation of electrical appliances with wet, humid, wet environment. Excellent and operate without risk of electrical shock sure electrical equipment, especially even if it is difficult environmental conditions, pl.: cascades high humidity near the tropical rain forests, rain, splashing water, flood, etc.


    • ndustrial activities in the service of electric motors to power, which may be 1 - or 3-phase. But although it megemlíthetnénk lighting technology, electric power and other operating assets to supply. The oil drilling islands, pumps operating in quarries, where the gas risk of explosion due to continuing, safe operation of elevators, Caverns of lighting to ensure the oxygen consumption of, without, etc.


    • Buildings, construction sites and used other electric customers powered. The construction of the introduction of electricity before it can start and do not have to wait for deployment. Forklifts, cranes, mixers, conveyor belts, etc.. safe operation, and are essential to power the device. The equipment mobilized on the second floor and roof parts in the works perfectly to ensure the energy supply, up to 1 or 3 phase that may be.


    • Inverter or used energylo (Inverter and / or uninterruptible power source, UPS) - Kent using renewable energy systems. Equipments traditional inverters compared to the much longer period of time we can provide the same energy as much battery capacity as the system continuously regenerates batteries, thus the cycle number increased, and thus later to be replaced by.


    • Urban and interurban transport power supply, for example.: amphibious buses, trolley buses, trams, trains (if wire is maintained transport options), etc.. Devices for special because of the operation electric vehicle trip length is postponed for at least 20-30% of al.


    • Electric cars are the actual application traffic, are much greater distance on one charge, although it may take as much Battery capacity, than the traditional idea operated vehicles. Caravans operation as applied to electric consumers.: camping under the energy service of household appliances, larger vehicles on board, electric cleaning machines to operate longer, it worthy of mention but also other smaller vehicles, such as well.: (Golf Cars, ice cream wagons, mobile sales) to serve energy needs.


    • Boats, yachts, sailboats, outboard motors (motor starter rudder and engine running). These are the structures of DC motors implemented, and the high energy demand due to warm up the wiring so only discontinuous plant will operate. However, the continued operation of the CSP systems can be solved, Besides a loss of less.


    • Sport activities, for example.: Diving, where energy use is important because We are not accessible to the energy beneath the water, and it is important for weight / performance ratio. Heat air balloons which repeatedly it worthy of mention of the above, avionics, navigation, On-board instruments secure energy supply, where the turbine generators and propulsion stops etc.


    • Storing electricity in the night and day mode to use. Island mode operated family houses, production units. and other facilities, external advertising signs, lighting and surfaces power, so much faster return on investment, since there is no electrical networks is to serve the energy needs. If the investment is recovered when the reservation is free, unlike in those places where energy is obtained Teleservices.


    • Mobilized entertainment centers, k-roadshow fénytechnikájának power supply and audio events. In these, the points in the application sokkhelyen is reasonable because of the explosive energy to supply the motor sets.


    • Mediator cars, film shoot camera, lighting, communications and other equipment service. Here is the same as the energy of the Aggregate Systems to ensure that the main role, using our equipment here is the mediator may be less than the size of cars, or more elements can carry, and the rotation of the background noise is due to operate from the battery it reduced to.


    • And last but not least, it is important to mention space, where a lot of our equipment utilization can be. The holdjárművek, Apollo, satellites, power supply and propulsion control, Using our equipment, a much greater ability to make the trip, the batteries longer lifetime of continuous cycles of regeneration. You really counts weight / performance ratio and reliability. Our systems are much érzéketlenebben respond to external radiation and magnetic fields, because the device does not contain processor-based systems, and Controls.


  • All of the above areas electrical activity carried out for to power consumer devices. The space does not appear by accident, because the life energy extendible at least 30%, and therefore the related the total area may be an advantage CSP devices using.

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    belépés - háromfázisú motor hajtás



    The device can be operated as efficiently 24Voltos battery voltage industrial 3-phase motors, pumps. The traditional inverters, power converters against the (not so easy to bear the big boot, or shock currents, Our device is capable of performance with electric motor to operate. The standard for inverters they can double their performance in the cast until a few ms, while the performance of the CSP Converter is capable of up to 5-6 times the output provided up to several seconds. Good service may work outside maintenance work, repair, mechanic, rescue groups, the energy needs.
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    belépés - indítási terhelés



    The traditional inverters, Transformers against the (not so easy to bear the big boot, or shock currents, and the networks, generated transients and also consumers), Our device is capable of performance with electric motor to operate. While the standard of the inverters they can double their performance in a few milisekundumig cast, while the performance of the CSP Converter is capable of up to 5-6 times the output provided up to several seconds. Equipments industrial machinery can be operated high efficiency, good service may work outside maintenance work, repair, mechanic, rescue groups, the energy needs. It can be operated as such.: circular saws, grinders, chainsaws, cutting, and clippers, some welding equipment, etc.
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    belépés - Vezetékméret



    Devices, the operating result Our principle much smaller cross-section lines can carry a much higher power normal, compared with a sinusoidal control. Thanks to this controller, which of course patent védünk (Register Number: P0800658, 11/10/2008) the amount of iron materials used in power transformers - are without causing any damage - be reduced to a cases from their 1/5-ére is, of course, although a Besides power output.
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    belépés - akadály


  • Inhibition Performing MECHANICAL PROTECTION.

    Equipment, observed that if startup, or during the mechanical Inhibition of the consumers do not burn , and was not going to ruin, of course, smaller interval. The inhibition ceases the consumer continues to operate the same way as before. The inhibition during the system restricts consumers of power, defending it damage. Of course, more consumers in conjunction with case, the inhibition of equipment during stops or slows down, but other consumer continues to operate as if nothing had happened.
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    belépés - Visszatöltő impulzusok


  • BATTERIES Reclamation.

    Ensure that the device is connected to them regeneration of the batteries, as each each cycle of a pulse restores nourish them, to prevent to irreversible physical and chemical processes lejátszódását, so the batteries longer life and greater capacity will be their use of traditional contrast.
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    belépés - gyorstöltő impulzusok



    The external device connector using the batteries recharge back quickly because all each cycle, which restores energy pulses fed by the batteries, which are immediately incorporated, making the batteries longer life and greater capacity will be traditional charge against their use. The CSP system is not a normal DC voltage charges the batteries, but a special impulse to employ an AC charger. In this mode the charging of the batteries we have achieved a rapid replenishment, and the capacity to achieve the greatest possible.
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    belépés - kimenet

  • CONSUMERS overload.

    The consumer-operated equipment suited to withstand even greater congestion Also, as if the network operate them whether inductive, capacitive or resistive Debit alike. According to our measurements, the 220V bulbs Force can absorb up to 350-400V, was also without damage.
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    belépéps - napelem

    belépés - szélkerék



    Alternative sources of our equipment with high-functioning, whereas Any alternative energy source that may be, for example.: wind power, solar power, the output of some equipment form of AC / DC voltage generated by the tension in the the need for appropriate levels of consumer use, should be made in a large may play a role in the application of our equipment. The equipment for the wider dissemination of 1kW of cost and high efficiency will be guaranteed, as well better than the equipment used so far.
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    belépés - méretek



    Technological equipment for weight / performance ratio as high the market with similar performance of converters and inverters much larger dimensions and weight when compared to our device.
    The above-listed advantageous properties Besides, ideally devices have now Available equipment for the weight and size 1/3-át hardly be achieved and some of them over-performing current knowledge.
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    belépés - hálozat



    Our devices are an excellent network compatibility. No need for sophisticated network monitoring systems, such as conventional inverters. The market is only invertrereknek few percent of the network is able to operate in parallel, and only they can solve complicated electronics. In contrast, CSP converter - as the network connection, at the moment takes over the network frequency, and this will be the frequency of their control, whether 50 or 60 Hz of course, much higher limits of the equipment being powered. If you lose your network, in the same period Energy will continue to provide the network to, and most importantly, to time without switching.
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    belépés - mobil



    High mobility of our devices. Which is a patent protection (Register Number: P0402442, 26/11/2004) There is no need for fossil energy, complexity, and thus, polluting the environment Aggregate explosive motor systems to ensure the power supply voltage. Our system is capable of using the built-in batteries, the output voltage provided however that may be megtáplálásáról the consumer, which consumers can pl.: inductive, resistive, and capacitive. These are the same consumers are well berendezéseinkről like to be connected to the network, but it also mentioned the security, given that the earth is independent of the system, so consumers may fall into the water not dangerous, because it is independent of the system, earth.
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    belépés - hibrid



    Our devices are hybrids into a crack. There is no need for complex electronics systems, the output of our equipment Resources tied to any output line. The system is able to network, or any fossil energy-powered Aggregate the output voltage produced by the system to function in parallel, and as soon as you connect the device's output to another output device, Aggregate will create a hybrid system, which patent is védünk (Register Number: P0800780, 12/30/2008) As concluded in parallel with a discharged battery system is yet to be completed. If the CSP converter, switch it to the aggregator, at the moment to take over the frequency and the controller will have its own frequency, whether 50 or 60Hz. Removal of the generator output voltage, then the same period, continue to provide energy to the output connector towards, and all this time without switching.
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    belépés - környezetvédelem



    The environment of great importance CSP is based fénycsőgyújtónknak because its application the fluorescent lamps do not burn out, spent fluorescent lamps continue to operate. The batteries, not to mention Whereas, due to regeneration much less battery should be disposed of in a given cycle. The berendezéseinkkel batteries are used in alternative-energy Using too much longer lifetime will be, as the technology has been used. Thus, the CSP systems use battery life can reach 2-3 times compared to normal applications. Therefore, the cost of the earlier nature-friendly solutions profitable, since in this way they also become cheaper. It is clear that the environment is less polluting power plants, and threatening to to build, if the device is spreading everyday life.
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    belépés - környezetvédelem



    Thanks to our colleagues abroad invention, the environment is of great importance, these the new enzyme preparations are efficiently used in oil and phenol derivatives and cleaning up the destruction, other hazardous waste, not to mention. Restore ecological balance to water, effluents, sewage purification. These nature-friendly solutions to return soon because it does not apply to the transfer of land is expensive. It is clear that these enzymes are less spread environment contaminants, and risk solution used, in real life.
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    belépés - élet-, és munkavédelem



    In terms of job security, our equipment high degree of certainty can be used wet, wet environment, since the output devices there is no preferred phase (similar to that
    the isolating transzformátoroknál). The resulting developed an independent network of land-for
    tapping the potential of the phase conductors the land can not be closed towards the circuit, it falls short of the electricity in living organisms passing through. The ability to separate blood vessels Tap is a risk of electric shock, (of course the wires at the same time touching the same life-threatening shock, than in general) there is no need for shock protection relays is also.

      Moist environment of greater voltage electric motors, the chance water was not caused by electrical consumers lethal shock, thus not forced high-and low DC components for use in such a working environment no, not to mention the fact that these goods, the devices is very high, reaching up to two to three times.
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    belépés - biztosítékok



    The equipment complies with the strongest Compatibility used by the car industry because of the sensitive-processor systems. The illustration shows a measurement chart that converts the output of the CSP is not transients as seen in many inverter-type. The measurement of 1 GHz Land has been carried out in Germany, EMC-Tech lab. Possible protection from the external magnetic metal casing provides. .
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    belépés - biztosítékok



    The internal equipment against short-circuit are protected. The external protection insurance demand is made, the normal or automatic circuit breakers to ensure that overload or short circuit, immediately shut off the system. The potential short-circuit, overheating, or after the termination will automatically reboot the machine.
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